Spiro Frentzas happens to be a culinary genius; he is also a busy guy who needs to eat. His cooking style and recipes are designed with the modern chef in mind. “I know people are really busy. They don’t have a culinary background,” says Spiro, who got his first set of cookbooks at the age of 25. “Still, they’re willing to try something different, especially if it’s healthy.” It’s why he’s developed over 100 easy recipes using Firentzás products to bring favorite dishes to a whole new level, and to encourage emerging foodies to expand their horizons. Lasagna. Stuffed peppers. Shellfish. Veal. Catfish. Tasting is believing, and as you experiment with Firentzás, Spiro encourages you to share your creations with us.



    The Firentzás journey began on a sleep deprived night in October of 2004. “My sister called to invite me to her house for a football game, hoping I would make my special chili for my nephews. Well past midnight, I started to prepare the ingredients for my secret chili recipe. As the beans simmered and I finished chopping peppers, I realized I had forgotten the most important ingredient, bison meat, in the freezer. It was a useless brick of ice. I looked around my kitchen in dismay. There, on my counter, a whole pineapple was sitting and staring right at me. As a single guy, I am mystified to this day how a pineapple got into my kitchen. But in that moment, I decided to scrap the chili and create salsa.

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    “Pulling some of the ingredients from my chili recipe, I decided to fuse them with the wonderful mysterious pineapple and some oranges. The next day, as disappointed as they were that I didn’t make my chili, I watched with amazement at how much my young nephews enjoyed my pineapple orange salsa. It was a simple moment of forgetfulness followed by a flash of inspiration. What came with it was a new awareness, not only of my passion for food but for flavor and style as well. This is what has motivated me to develop the Firentzás salsa line.


    James Frentzas was born in 1930, and was the sort of man who wore a suit everywhere…even to a ball game. “He owned a men’s clothing store, and always looked sharp,” says Spiro. “He’d maybe take off the suit coat to cut the grass,” he recalls. Mr. Frentzas believed in family, and – not surprisingly — Spiro’s many memories of family center around food. Summertime visits to Greece as scattered family gathered for a festive pig roast. Spiro’s own childhood kitchen, crowded close to watch his father handle live lobsters, knotting strong twine around the already banded claws (one can’t be too safe).Presciently, this old-school gentleman, bred of tradition, expected nothing specific of his children as they matured into adulthood. Instead, he was adamant that they follow their dreams.

Spiro's Father

James Frentzas told his son, simply, “Know what you want to do. Then do it.” The day Spiro stood in his sister’s kitchen, watching the family devour his new pineapple orange salsa, he knew what he wanted to do. Now Spiro welcomes you to enjoy all the flavors of the Firentzás dream.


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